22 Ft. Sprinter Mercedes Van Conversion

22 Ft. Sprinter Mercedes Van Conversion

*Awning & TV’s Not Included With Rental Units*

The 22′ Sprinter Van Conversion is recommended for 2 adults. Fully equipped with amenities including kitchen and bathroom with shower and furniture from https://www.bathroomsandmorestore.co.uk/.
The Sprinter van is designed and built by Mercedes for unsurpassed fuel economy, durability, safety, practicality, comfort and quality. Powered by a fuel efficient CRD turbo diesel V6 engine, you’ll enjoy awesome fuel economy, long service intervals and great longevity. The almost vertical exterior sides maximize interior space within an overall exterior width similar to other full-size vans. The wider and taller sliding door allows even easier entry. Added to all this is Mercedes-Benz quality.
With no gables or cabinets at either end of the galley, it’s open from front to rear on the driver’s side. Panoramic windows from front to rear allow daylight and create an openness unrivalled in any other class B. To maximize already generous storage space, a hanging pantry can be added to the rear end of the galley. The permanent bathroom’s unique doors maximize aisle width when the bathroom’s not in use. Yet when in use there’s ample space inside while keeping the aisle clear. Inside you’ll find a toilet, vanity sink and a sit-down or stand-up shower.


Floor Plan

Features & Specifications

Seating and Sleeping

  • Rear Double Bed = 175x185
  • 2 Seat Belts

Vehicle Features

  • Adjustable Steering
  • Hot Water
  • Vanity
  • Toilet
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Am/FM Radio, CD
  • Cruise Control
  • Propane Air Furnance
  • Propane Stove
  • Microwave
  • Roof Air Conditioning
  • Dash Air Conditioning
  • Inside Shower
  • Outside Shower

Capacity of Tanks

  • Propane Tank = 45L
  • Fuel Tank = 100L
  • Fresh Water = 115L
  • Hot Water = 23L
  • Holding Tank Black = 131L
  • Holding Tank Grey = 131L

Size of Vehicle

  • Exterior Length = 6.9m/22’9”
  • Exterior Width = 1.9m/6’4”
  • Exterior Height = 2.9m/9’6”
  • Interior Height = 1.9m/6’3”