Why Rent an RV?

1. Reduce Your Expenses

Save money on hotels, restaurants, and parking! Plus, wear and tear on your commuter car!

With numerous hotel fees per person, parking fees, gas, and maintenance fees with your own vehicle,  you will find that renting an RV is a more affordable and enjoyable experience for your vacation!

Imagine having lunch in your motorhome while the kids are swimming in the lake next to you.
Also, you have your change room and washroom with you!


2. No Limitations

Travelling should have no boundaries/limitations. Hotels can limit your travelling destination ns and adventures. With an RV, you can spend the night almost anywhere you want!

Just imagine camping near the lake, or out in the woods, or wherever you desire. Experience more freedom with an RV.


3. Just Load Up & Go

Packing, unpacking and packing again. Tired of the same routine? Stop packing and starting driving! An RV makes travelling easier.

Store all your items in your RV’s storage compartments. Eliminate the suitcases, and just pack your clothes inside the dressers and cabinets. It’s like you never left home!


4. Home Cooked Meals

No more lineups!

Who knew camping/travelling could be so expensive?!

Reduce the high cost of room service or restaurant fees and enjoy a home-cooked meal with a working stove & microwave.


5. Good Hygiene

Who said camping had to be dirty & filthy?

Our RVs come equipped with a hot water tank which allows you to take hot showers either inside or outside of the unit.

Our RV’s come equipped with a sink and toilet as well. No more porta-potties for you, my friend.


6. Comfortable & Convenient

Driving in an RV is more comfortable than your own vehicle. It’s less clustered with multiple beds/couches to relax on.

No need to stop for food or drinks with a fridge on board. Your family can also enjoy their electronics while you travel to your destination.


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