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*Please note when selecting a car seat that our RV’s are only equipped with the lap belt style seat belts, if you want an URBNFit exercise ball you have to bring it*

Wee Travel is our recommended partner for all your child travel needs:

 Wee Travel Rent The Best Brands In Baby Equipment

Pack light and enjoy the convenience of renting top-of-the-line baby equipment when you visit Toronto. Plus, benefit from discounts for extended rentals. Choose from a full range of the latest baby gear, including infant and child car seats, folding cribs, pack ‘n plays, strollers, highchairs, swings, bouncers, safety products and more, besides this our RV’s have the best Garmin GPS so you’re always guided on your travels, and also the Garmin GPS map updater service so you have always the latest maps for your trip.

Delivery or Pick-Up. You Decide.

Have your rental delivered to the location of your choice (airport, hotel, residence, business); or pick-up from one of our convenient location Toronto. Also, keep in mind that the van you rent has to get to us clean, the soapysudshandwash team always takes care of our clients when they come to return your vehicle, you could also bring your car as it is; however, you will be charged an extra for the car wash services.

Safety and Cleanliness are Priorities

Rest assured you’ll receive equipment that is: 

·         in brand-new condition

·         meticulously cleaned with environmentally friendly product

·         safety inspected

·         monitored for safety recalls


*You are responsible for the installation of the car seat. For car seat safety information, please visit Tips for Installing Child Car Seats . In Ontario, booster seats are required for all children under 8 years old, weighing a minimum 18 kg (40lbs).